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Riff Raff Public Arts Trust

End sought to shirt tale

Mark and RifRaf shirt

SHIRT MYSTERY: Public art advocate Mark Servian with the Rif Raf shirt. (Shane Morton/HAMILTON PRESS)

Source: Hamilton Press print edition

27 May 2009


IS it Riff Raff or Rif Raf - that's what Hamilton public art advocate Mark Servian wants to know.

Mr Servian was the prime mover behind the campaign that led to the creation and construction of the bronze Riff Raff statue which stands in the corner of Embassy Park in Victoria St - the former site of the Embassy picture theatre.

Riff Raff is one of the main characters in the hit musical Rocky Horror Picture Show, originally penned by former Hamilton resident Richard O'Brien. Not long ago Servian was lent a shirt by associate Richard Selinkoff because it had an interesting label: Rif Raf, Quality Garment, made in Hamilton, NZ.

Selinkoff estimated he had owned the shirt for 20 years. Mr Servian surmised that it dated the blue-striped XL garment to the days before free trade put an end to New Zealand's clothing industry. As a result he's interested to find out who, in Hamilton, made Rif Raf shirts, and if there are any old boxes of labels still about.

Anyone who can shed any light on Rif Raf shirts should contact Mark at mark@mcgillicuddy.org.nz.

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