Riff Raff Public Arts Trust

Riff Raff Public Arts Trust

Riff Raff opinion - Letter to the Editor 25 June 2010

Source: Waikato Times print edition

Friday, 25 June 2010

Riff Raff opinion

Among the "hoo-ha" of the debate on Riff Raff's possible inclusion to the ranks of the community of New Zealand, the unconditional endorsement of the dubious character by Hamilton Mayor Bob Simcock is noted.

The Chambers dictionary decribes riff raff as "undesirable, common people, scum and rubbish". In the mayor's endorsement of the weird manifestation this city has immortalised, he gives a totally erroneous opinion of the ethos of Hamilton city.

It would be desirable, I feel, that the next local body election should supply a new mayor who will demonstrate that office's respect for the citizens of this city, ratther than showing the true nature of the incumbent as being representative of the "vox populi".

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